The Ever Important Pool Deck

When you see a pool area that you immediately fall in love with, it’s more likely that you’re admiration lies more with the details than the actual swimming pool itself.  All the design elements coming together properly is what triggers that “WOW” reaction that your want yourself and others to experience every time they walk into your backyard. Tiles and pavers are options that help ensure that great reaction when used properly. They are a wonderful complement to the design of your home, and create a seamless and finished look.  The good news is, they can be found in materials to fit just about any budget, and in endless shapes, colors, and textures.  You’re sure to find something perfect for your particular project.e107bb0242e60e4fa235bbf8da056cd8

Tiles: Make certain you choose a slip-resistant option.  The look and durability make them a classic option for your pool deck.

Natural Stone: Travertine is an example of natural stone that’s easy to maintain and adds sophistication. The variations in shade give drama and depth, and the rich tones keep travertine cool even in the heat of the day meaning the bottom of your feet will be very happy.pool

Manufactured Stone: Some pool decks are actually using manufactured mixtures crafted from sandstone and limestone to provide a constant thickness and lasting beauty to the project space. Calibrated flagstone and SeaStone add different dimensions to your pool area depending on your pool’s location and design. SeaStone brings the beauty of the beach to your home with natural abalone shells, adding luster and iridescence…very unique.Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.04.18 PM

Pavers: These are interlocking brick decking material often used around a swimming pool as the actual pool deck. They’re ideal for any shaped pool which make them very versatile. Pavers allow for good drainage and minimize moisture that can penetrate the material.

Consult your watershape designer to find out what options are best for your pool deck.  They can help your narrow down the materials to what’s best for your budget and general backyard aesthetic.

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