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18 May 2015

Memorial Day Pool Party Grub…

With the long weekend approaching, many are opening their pool for the first time this season and with that comes Memorial Day pool parties.  What’s a party without great food?  Here are some recipes that will definitely make a splash in the hunger department… Basil Burgers with Sun-Dried Tomato Mayonnaise: Patriotic Taco Salad: (more)

11 May 2015

Backyards Are Built Upon Inspiration

Are you thinking about making some changes, large or small, to your outdoor living space?  I’m sure you have an idea in your head, but being able to verbalize it to a designer can be difficult at times.  Searching for inspiration not only can bring your visions to life, but might also spark some possibilities... (more)

08 May 2015

Pool Water Conservation: Not an Oxymoron

Water conservation and pools may not be synonymous, but those who own pools can actually play a role in helping the cause. Keep it Clean A pool filter can be a hindrance when it comes to conserving water.  If clean, it reduces containments in your swimming pool and maintains picture perfect pool water.  On the other hand, a dirty filter must be backwashed... (more)

07 May 2015

Pools Don’t Grow On Trees…

It’s true that benefits of having your own backyard paradise are priceless, but who’s paying for it? Probably you are, and investments are normally costly. So why stress over something that’s purpose is to provide relaxation? There’s help out there.. LightStream can make the purchasing process much easier for you as a potential pool owner. For both your pool and landscaping... (more)