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06 May 2015

Around the Pool: Your Seasonal Living Room

Gone are the days of one shape of swimming pool surrounded with plastic discount store lounge chairs.  A trend which has proved to turn into a norm is the outdoor living area.  You no longer have to be in the pool to get the benefit of the outdoors.  With the right design and accessories, you... (more)

30 Apr 2015

Pool #trends That Are Here to Stay

Gone are the days of your only option being the rectangular, white swimming pool.  The evolution of the backyard watershape has become quite creative, basically allowing your options to be somewhat endless. Let’s check out what’s trending… #fireandwater It’s gorgeous. One cannot go wrong with this combo. Fire bowl, fire pit, fireplace…doesn’t matter…they all create a... (more)

29 Apr 2015

Pull Up a Pool Chair and Stay Awhile

Lazy weekends seem to be coveted in our busy world.  Your swimming pool is the perfect place to capitalize on them during the summer months.  One key element to achieving maximum relaxation…the pool chair. Pool chairs and lounges have remained staples over the evolution of the backyard watershape. However, nowadays, pool chairs are made of better materials that allow... (more)

27 Apr 2015

Remedy the Headaches, Hire a Pool Professional

The thought of being able to spend time outside in the heat of the summer and still stay cool is wonderful, isn’t it? Owning a swimming pool is a true luxury. However, who has time to keep their swimming pool water and backyard area spotless? If pool maintenance doesn’t fit into your busy schedule, or... (more)