As a Landscape Architect, I work with homeowners and pool contractors around the country to design and develop their custom backyard creations. There are three reasons why Tim with Watershapes by Wallace is on my VERY short list of professional contractors in whom I have complete confidence.

First, Tim has dedicated himself to achieving the highest level of advanced education in the pool industry. He is one of only 38 pool industry professional in the country who have been accepted into the Society of Watershape Designers (SWD), and is an integral member of the Genesis 3 Design Group — a professional society aimed at elevating the pool industry standard across the country.

Secondly, Tim has effectively integrated his education into his high-quality construction techniques and understanding to create a superior product that few are able to produce. In working with Tim, I am free to “push the envelope” with my designs beyond the standard construction practices — knowing that he has the vision and expertise to build unique features where many other contractors would refuse or fail.

Finally, and most importantly, Tim is enjoyable to work with throughout the entire development process. Despite his high education and qualifications (and at an impressively young age I must add), he is personable, fun to work with, and truly takes a personal stake in each project. He works together with me and with our client as members of the same team to achieve a finished product that is unique and special.

Whenever I have a project in the Midwestern US, Tim is my first call to see if he is wiling or able to be involved!

Jason Brownlee, ASLA

Timothy has built two pools for us…and I would have him build the third. His assistance with the design process and involvement in the construction process is outstanding.

Andy Kight

In early 2010 my husband and I decided to have a pool and outdoor entertaining area
constructed in our backyard. We met with 3 different contractors to get ideas and bids. We
chose Watershapes by Wallace because they listened to our desires, and did not try to sell us anything we
already knew we did not want. They provided a spot-on drawing that needed very little
change. We also felt like their price was very competitive. Before finalizing the contract they
took us to several pools they had either built or refurbished.

As with any major construction project, the backyard was a mess for a while, but in the end it
all came together. We ended up with a state of the art pool, and an amazing recreational and
entertaining space in our backyard – we get lots of compliments on it!

Throughout this process my husband and I focused on one thing – we remembered how much
we liked Tim personally when we first met him. He is a professional, down to earth,
knowledgeable and, in the end, trustworthy young man. We are very pleased with the way
everything has turned out, and would not hesitate to hire Watershapes by Wallace again. As a couple who
has done a lot of remodeling on several homes, we understand things can go unexpectedly
wrong, we also know it is rare to have an outcome as satisfying as we did with our new pool!


Judy Gadlage and James Lawrence

Timothy Wallace designed and built our swimming pool and patio deck at 11438 S Sanduslry Ave in Tulsa. The pool and deck was completed to our specifications and budget during December 2011.
I spent several weeks interviewing and obtaining pool designs from pool companies in the Tulsa area. I even called the subs [i.e. gummite, rebar, paver guys) that most of major guys use. They all confirmed that Wallace designs and builds top quality pools.

Timothy’s design and cost was so superior to the other bids that I even went as far as giving the other primary contender Timothy’s design and asked that pool builder to redo his bid based on Timothy’s design with the exact same size and features. Even after the rebid, Timothy’s bid was significantly lower in cost and he understood the intricate details better since it was his ideas and design. We are very happy with Timothy Wallace and the job he did on our pool and deck. We get many positive comments on the special features that Timothy used on our pool (i.e. Laetner Edge, Vanishing Edge, Pebble Tech Surface, Artistic Pavers, Pool Lights, In Ground pool cleaners, heat pumps, fire bowls. and easy to use control system.

You may contact me at 918-855-3 024 or if you would like to discuss further

David A Gilbert