Pool Water Conservation: Not an Oxymoron

Water conservation and pools may not be synonymous, but those who own pools can actually play a role in helping the cause.

Keep it Clean

A pool filter can be a hindrance when it comes to conserving water.  If clean, it reduces containments in your swimming pool and maintains picture perfect pool water.  On the other hand, a dirty filter must be backwashed in order to clean it thus using water that wouldn’t be needed if the filter was regularly maintained.  There is no bigger waste of pool chemicals and water than having to backwash a filter. Again, proper maintenance is the key to avoiding it.

Scout for Leaks and Cracks

Leaks in your swimming pool are caused by cracks in the finish and foundation. Pipes and valves that leak from the pool are a big concern for water conservation. Even a minimal crack can account for a significant amount of water being leaked out of the pool. Always check your pool and equipment pad for cracks because a just small one can lead to large problems throughout the life of your pool.

Keep it Cool

Summer is a great time to reduce the temperature of your pool heater which in turn will reduce the water’s natural evaporation rate. Heaters are a wonderful addition to any swimming pool, but running them can get costly. Utilizing other swimming pool products, such as pool covers, can significantly lower the cost of heating your pool and help to conserve water.

Cover it Up

Swimming pool covers are great for maintaining water heat from natural solar energy. The water in the swimming pool naturally diminishes due to evaporation. A securely fitted pool cover can greatly reduce the rate of water evaporation. You’ll spend less on chemicals because of the reduced rate of natural evaporation and having to maintain the necessary pool water level.

Your pool will lose water naturally, due to evaporation and normal use. Only drain your swimming pool when it’s necessary. Acting on these tips will not only conserve water, but also save you money. It’s a win-win.

— Posted on May 8, 2015 at 9:48 am

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