Pool #trends That Are Here to Stay

Gone are the days of your only option being the rectangular, white swimming pool.  The evolution of the backyard watershape has become quite creative, basically allowing your options to be somewhat endless. Let’s check out what’s trending…


It’s gorgeous. One cannot go wrong with this combo. Fire bowl, fire pit, fireplace…doesn’t matter…they all create a fabulous mood and aesthetic. The addition of fire features can extend your pool area use on into the cooler months, making them not only beautiful, but great investments.


White plaster is no longer your one and only choice. There are a plethora of materials that you can choose from and utilize to make your space uniquely yours. Whether it be stones, pebbles, or tiles, you can customize the finish of your pool to fit seamlessly with both your backyard and the design of your home.

#tanningshelves #swimupbars

Give your pool depth and versatility by adding a tanning shelf, also known as a “Baja ledge”.  You can place pool chairs on it to keep cooler while soaking up the sun. It’s also a great spot to sit and pay with the smaller kiddos and help them get used to the water. If you like a place to congregate and still get the benefit of being in the water, a swim-up bar is right up your alley.  These are particularly appealing to those who like to throw a pool party more often than not.


The trend of nixing a deep end and keeping the pool level caters to those who like to keep it fit and sporty. This is an ideal scenario for lap swimming and water resistance workouts.  It also allows for a volleyball or water basketball game to break out when people want some outside activity.


To save money with your pool maintenance, look into energy efficient pool pumps and heaters which save both money and energy.  Along with those savings, you can also save time and hassle.  With automation, you can time when your pumps and heaters run and also turn on lights and jets automatically.


The pool has become a central location to gather and entertain. An outdoor living room allows you to cool off and relax. Pair that with an outdoor kitchen, and you can also enjoy a great meal. Outdoor kitchens extend your home beyond the back door. When it’s cooler, crank up the outdoor fireplace.

That’s what’s #trending…and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Isn’t pool evolution a beautiful thing?

— Posted on April 30, 2015 at 9:15 am

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