• What is a typical watershape project timeline?
    The average project takes 8-14 weeks, though this may vary substantially depending on the level of custom design, weather, or materials needed. Our goal is to give clients a reasonable timeframe estimate for their specific project at the completion of the design phase.
  • What makes Watershapes by Wallace different?
    Our Goal is quality projects over quantity – typically Watershapes by Wallace does about 10 custom design projects a year versus 30-100 projects a year like many other production pool companies.

    Higher standards in construction resulting from experience and advanced levels of training in design, engineering, construction, and business.

    We only do custom projects –  we can design and build anything the client can imagine from pools, ponds, waterfalls, water features, outdoor spaces, etc.

    Provide fresh and innovative design ideas for any style project whether the client desires modern, traditional, natural landscape etc.

    These quality designs will take the space you have and incorporate an amazing outdoor oasis seamlessly into that space.

    • Every watershape is designed to the newest standards in technology and safety.
    • If client utilizes our full custom design services we supply full construction plans, including hydraulic profile.
    • Personalize attention and one-on-one communication with the owner, Timothy Wallace.
  • Why Hire a Pool Designer While Your Home is Being Built?
    Saves client money over the life of the pool

    • Proper design greatly reduces risk of early pool repair issues.
    • Increased energy efficiency savings. Our designs and product are up to 90% more energy efficient than the average pool
    • Initial money spent on design is recouped – Energy efficiency, Increased value of home, Credit towards pool construction if decide to also have WBW build pool
    • All construction on home and pool can be done at one time
    • Saves money on dirt work, landscaping, sprinkler system issues and other finishes of home exterior.
    • Prevents cost of rerouting water lines, gas lines, sprinkler systems, electrical lines, and cable etc.
    • Obtain a full set of construction plans, including hydraulic design
    • Aesthetics and functionality of pool in relation to the entire home design.
    • Longevity of product over a production pool – If the pool is done right the first time the client will save a significant amount of money and time.
    • Legality – all components of our pools are to federal code.
    • We see lower standards with most local pool builders; they increase their profit by cutting corners with smaller pipes, rebar etc.
    • Accreditation and Reputation of Designer (see Genesis3.com for more info).

  • What kind of warranty do you offer?
    • Lifetime warranty on Gunite shell
    • 5-year warranty of finished Pebbletec interior
    • 3-year warranty of pool equipment
    • 1-year warranty on craftsmanship
  • What about pool maintenance and service?
    We recommend 918 Pool Service for all of your maintenance needs. Please contact them directly at 918-519-1671 or at service@918poolservice.com
  • What is your pool building process?

    • Initial free in home meeting and site evaluation
    • Determine what client is looking for, client’s budget, and desired project timeline.
    • At this point if client decides to work with Watershapes by Wallace a retainer will be requested to begin the custom design phase.



    • Preliminary rough design and estimate
    • Frequent follow up meetings to make adjustments to design and budget.
    • Soil report
    • Final design viewed in 3D program
    • Contract signing



    • Engineered Plans Recommended
    • Permits Filed with the City
    • Final full set of Construction Plans



    • Excavation
    • Hydraulic System
    • Structural Steel
    • Shotcrete
    • Waterproofing
    • Tile
    • Coping
    • Additional Features/Rock Work
    • Decking
    • Equipment Instillation
    • Interior Finish
    • Fill Pool & Start up by National Plaster Council Certified Start Up Technician
    • Landscaping
    • Final details