Around the Pool: Your Seasonal Living Room

Gone are the days of one shape of swimming pool surrounded with plastic discount store lounge chairs.  A trend which has proved to turn into a norm is the outdoor living area.  You no longer have to be in the pool to get the benefit of the outdoors.  With the right design and accessories, you can turn your pool area into the “room” where everyone wants to congregate.  These days everything can be customized, not just the pool. Lighting, furniture, an outdoor kitchen, fire features…anything you can dream of can pretty much be made reality.

If you’re building a pool from scratch or just doing some updating, take your illumination choices seriously.  Instead of one huge light inside the pool, you can construct an entire lighting plan for not only the pool, but the patio area.  This project will pay for itself considering the extended time the area can be used…not just summer, but actually anytime it’s nice enough to congregate outside in the evening.  LED lights are your best bet.  They’re energy-efficient, long lasting, come in many colors, and even digital circuitry if you’d like the effect of a light show.

Fire features not only help illuminate, but they also give off that cozy vibe allowing you to spend time outside beyond the parameters of “pool season”.  An outdoor fireplace, or fire pit can really add to the “living room” vibe.

Bring the indoors out by adding an outdoor kitchen.  If you find yourself grilling outdoors for the better part of the year, this is an add-on to strongly consider. Outdoor kitchens cut out the middleman for entertaining around the pool. Meaning that you can do and have everything you need right there, rather than going in and out of the house a million times and missing half the fun of your own get-together.  The return on investment? Well, it obviously adds to the backyard value as a whole, and it also provides a reason for family and friends to congregate in a casual, relaxing atmosphere.  You can customize your kitchen, bar and dining area to fit your needs…the options are endless. It’s time to add that extra “room”, so talk to your pool designer about starting a new project, or polishing up what you already have.




— Posted on May 6, 2015 at 9:13 am

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